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About Direct Charity

Direct Charity is an initiative of Vineet Jain Charitable Trust and Blue Rose Technologies to make the world a better place. The mission is to allow donors to donate with confidence and freely to critical causes in a verifiable manner, whereby all their donations are put to worthy causes, without any middleman or costs associated in between.
Our only rewards and interests are to see a better world full of happy faces, by providing selfless service. This is 100% charitable cause, whereby we not only provide a totally free means for charities to reach to potential donors, but also for donors to give to the right cause, with the confidence that all their donations are going to be put to the right cause, without any deviation. All donations are directly transferred from the donor’s account to the selected organization‘s account, without any money coming to Direct Charity’s account.

Meet Our Team

Why Direct Charity?

Genuine & Verified Charities

Direct transfer to Charity account

Your complete donation is directly transferred to the bank account of the chosen charity. It doesn’t come to our account.

ZERO  Admin charge

We are 100% non-profit organization and take care of our administration cost ourselves. We don’t charge any admin cost on any donations received.

Passion to make world a better place  

We have a passion to make world a better place by providing much needed help to the needy. Your contribution will go a long way in achieving that.

Simple and 100% Transparent Transactions 

Our platform is simple and easy to use. All the transactions are 100% transparent and you can see were you money is going and what it is used for.


What Is Direct Charity?

Direct Charity is a Free, Direct Transfer Crowdfunding platform for India. It showcases carefully selected charitable causes from verified and reputed charities and allows people to donate to them directly. It is 100% transparent and a true social venture of Vineet Jain Charitable Trust and BlueRose Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Why Should I Choose To Donate Through DirectCharity?

You are assured that your donations are going 100% with no admin overhead to desired causes. You can also track outcome of your donations.

How DirectCharity Is Different Compare To Other Charity Platforms In India?

We are 100% non profit so we don’t charge anything like other charity platform which charge a big % of your donation. We are also doing this as a service and not as a business, so we are very careful on who is listed on our platform. We have curated this with love and care to serve genuine cause.

Do I Get 80G Certificate For My Donations?

You will get it directly from the Charity you donate to through the platform.